Food Delivery in Czech Republic

Food Delivery in Czech Republic

Either you’re just visiting the beauty of Czech Republic or you’re here for a longer period of time, you’ll definitely need something to eat. Classic tourists will go to a restaurant for a meal, but sometimes people don’t want to get out, e.g. due to heavy rain, or just don’t have the time. That’s were food delivery service comes in handy.

Food delivery in Prague and all of Czech Republic used to be limited only to pizza and some chinese food. But it all changed in November 2012 when startup company came to this world. This project was launched by investors who stood behind Slevomat (Czech version of Groupon), Skrz and other projects. was the first delivery service in Prague that started with 250 restaurants in Prague and grew quickly. On the site you can now find over 1200 restaurants in 135 cities of Czech Republic recognized by their cuisine. You can choose from a wide range of Czech, Italian, Mexican, Asian, Burger and Sushi restaurants. Most restaurants will deliver the food in 75 minutes, but in some cases restaurants have delivery time 60 minutes and DameJidlo promises that you will get food in 60 minutes or for free.

The best part is also their Satisfaction Guarantee so if there’s something wrong with your order, you will be refunded.

The use of food delivery service is pretty easy. In first place you type your address and you will see restaurants that deliver to you. When you choose restaurant you see its menu and order whatever you like. All simple and clear.

Most restaurants uses their own delivery cars, but for those that don’t, DameJidlo has a fleet of more than 50 cars operating in Prague and other in Brno,Liberec, Hradec Králové, Olomouc and other large cities. In warmer months bikes and motorbikes are used as well. Mainly in city center where bike can deliver food much faster than car.

So if you ever find yourself in times of hunger, DameJidlo is surely a solution as a largest food delivery in Czech Republic.



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